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...The art in the Mine map was inspired by the look and feel that you would get by being in a construction site, only in a sci-fi world. Every element, including the environment and enemy robots, contributed to make the player feel like they were advancing through a series of dark unfinished structures. For the music, I went to a real construction site, and recorded a few hours of mechanical noises, metal hits, power tools and more. I then edited and processed some of the audio from these recordings to create sample virtual instruments that I could play and compose music with...
...The Biome map combined highly technological elements with organic elements. The environment was filled with vegetation that was trying to take over what probably used to be a big experimentation lab. Enemy robots too were partially made of organic elements. In order to represent this combination of technology and biology through music, I recorded myself making sounds with my throat. I also used alligator sounds and sounds of growling leopards. After running audio processing on many of those assets, I created sample virtual instruments that I could play and that I could use to compose music. Finally, I layered these instruments with more  "traditional" electronic instruments like synthesizers and electric drum kits...
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