Rhythm of the Universe is one of the worlds leading live musical performance groups. It is an ever-evolving network of 1000+ artists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, based around the globe. Rhythm of the Universe brings an unparalleled access to talent, creativity and innovation and attracts world class talents to develop emotional stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.
Sound Designer, Composer, Mixing Engineer at ROTU
The art in the Mine map was inspired by the look and feel that you would get by going to a construction site, only in a sci-fi world. Every element, including environment setdress and enemy robots, contributed to make the player feel like they were advancing through a series of dark unfinished structures. For the music, I went to a real construction site, and recorded a few hours of mechanical noises, metal hits, power tools and more. I then edited and processed some of the audio from these recordings to create sample virtual instruments that I could play and compose music with. Here is a short sample of what the final track sounds like.
Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer at TENCENT BOSTON
The Biome map combined highly technological elements with organic elements. The environment was filled with vegetation that was trying to take over what probably used to be a big experimentation lab. Enemy robots too were partially made of organic elements. In order to represent this combination of technology and biology through music, I recorded myself making sounds with my throat. I also used alligator sounds and sounds of growling leopards. After running audio processing on many of those assets, I created sample virtual instruments that I could play and that I could use to compose music. Finally, I layered these instruments with more  "traditional" electronic instruments like synthesizers and electric drum kits.
Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer at TENCENT BOSTON
A shooter MOBA where Heroes battle alongside a massive Guardian in a fight for supremacy. 
When I was hired to be the Audio Director at Motiga, Gigantic was still in pre-production and nothing from an audio standpoint had been done up to that point. Based on conversations with designers and artists, I learned that the key element to make Gigantic successful was creating a charming personality for every hero in game. Concept art, 3D art, animation, visual effects...all these elements were already doing an incredible job at representing the personality of each hero, and the role that each hero had in game. Audio had to play an equally important role.
The first step was to make sure that I had a clear idea of each hero's personality and role. I attended meetings on concept art and design for all heroes, and I started an initial pass on some heroes to get feedback from the team. While creating assets for each hero skill, I was constantly asking myself "How could I represent this type of personality through sounds?" This is where my background in Psychology often helped me find the answer. Human beings are filled with unconscious principles and archetypes in them, and it was a matter of finding the right element that would subconsciouly remind a person of this or that aspect of a certain personality. With that in mind, anything is possible. The sound of Buddhist monks voices can be used as a starting point to represent something out of time and ethereal. Wwise random containers that in real time create music intervals from the whole-tone scale can be used for a skill of a hero that is supposed to be magic and vintage at the same time. Sounds of a hang-drum can be used as raw audio material for a hero with a tribal-magic aspect. Here are two trailers for which I created and mixed all the audio for, and that should give you an idea of how much love went into making the art and the audio for Gigantic.
Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer at MOTIGA
Ayumi Ueda is a very talented singer-songwriter from Japan. I knew some of her music before she asked me to collaborate on her new album, therefore I was enthusiastic when the opportunity came.
For her new album "In The Flow", Ayumi wanted me to wear different hats.
I created sample virtual instruments that she could use on some of the tracks. I composed and produced two of the tracks from the album, and I created sound landscapes to support the story of the album through sound effects on many of the tracks.
Here is one of the tracks I wrote and produced. Lyrics by Ayumi Ueda.
Gumdrop! is a fun casual game for iOS where the player needs to combine words with images while preventing the gummies from exploding when the player runs out of time. Here is the trailer for the game for which I did all the audio for. 
Sound Designer, Composer at dSONIC