Matteo Stronati is an established audio lead, sound designer and composer credited in numerous high profile games, films, online and other forms of media. He is currently Gameplay Audio Lead at Riot Games working on League of Legends.


Matteo has produced sound effects and music for major publishers including CCP, 2K Games, Microsoft, and Tencent, for console games, browser games, MMOs, iOS, and PC games.


Audio team leader who excels at communicating with all levels of management, artists, designers, and engineers. Expert in a wide variety of production tools and techniques including Wwise, Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro, Sound Forge, FMOD, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Perforce, Sony Vegas, Ableton Live, various VST instruments and third party plugins.


Matteo’s work is routinely called out by press, customers, and members of the team he works with as being top-notch. Known for his sense of ownership over tasks, and his enthusiasm to consistently hit the highest quality bar on every project, Matteo has an all encompassing approach to audio design. He is also known for his relentless effort at reducing the sound asset bundle download size without sacrificing quality.

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